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Gregg Turkington is a regular guest the co-host the host the designated movie expert a regular guest of On Cinema at the Cinema. I've been fortunate enough to correspond with him via Twitter on a couple of occasions.

Forgiveness Special

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@greggturkington I am appalled that there wasn't a [sic] #oncinemaforgivenessspecial after @timheidecker burned all of your #movies. #oncinema

— Jonty Newman (@JontyNewman), 30th September 2015

Nice idea--but to be honest, I'd rather just use the time to review more #movies for all of you. You deserve it.

— Gregg Turkington (@greggturkington), 30th September 2015

The VFA is only for #movies.

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@greggturkington My sister's complete collection of Friends VHS tapes is cluttering my spare room. Can I donate them to the archive please?

— Jonty Newman (@JontyNewman), 17th September 2015

Archive is for #movies only.

— Gregg Turkington (@greggturkington), 18th September 2015

No worries @greggturkington. If anyone owns a #tvshows archive please contact me immediately.

— Jonty Newman (@JontyNewman), 18th September 2015