Jonty Newman


Diligent, motivated and disciplined software engineer with a strong ability for designing and implementing systems using various technologies. Experienced in collaborating with others in agile projects to build and maintain solutions. Proven to be capable of more senior responsibilities.

Key Achievements & Skills


– Aberystwyth University

Software Engineering BEng

– Hagley RC High School


— West Midlands Police

Responsible for maintaining and enhancing the West Midlands Police website using Drupal. The most significant features depend on integrations with internal .NET systems. This hence requires close collaboration with developers of other projects, which is facilitated through daily stand-up meetings and thorough documentation.

Occasionally responsible for reviewing jobs applications, screening applicants during interviews, conducting stand-up meetings, reporting to management in place of a senior developer, and contributing to .NET applications. I enjoy these responsibilities and find them rewarding.

— Holidaysplease Ltd

Implemented numerous features across the external website, internal legacy CRM system, and holiday pricing functionality. This included leveraging polymorphism in implementing flight price API clients for various providers. Each flight price query was encapsulated as a job that could be processed concurrently with other jobs. I was also responsible for its front-end integration.

The company initially used an ad-hoc development methodology that had a number of challenges. After I submitted a formal proposal for adopting agile principles to fellow developers and the head of the company, the team then began discussions and transitioned their approach. This was gratifying to witness and participate in. As such, it has given me great confidence in sharing my thoughts on improved ways of working.

— BlackBerry Ltd

Maintained a web application designed to interface between developers, the configuration management system and the relevant managers during an internship. Additionally implemented an API for the web application to query which tasks had not yet been submitted as part of (what the department referred to as) a library.

Also assigned the task of migrating build processes from the use of SDL tools to pure GCC. This involved understanding the manner in which the source code that the department produced was compiled and how the C/C++ code was generated. This task gave me a great overview of the workflow for producing professional software and also extended my knowledge and skills for compiling C/C++ code, including the importance of makefiles and how they should be produced.


Software development is a hobbyist passion of mine as well as a career. I have taken to publishing articles about this topic on my personal website, and the website itself is built using a custom technology stack. My most recent project outside of web technologies involves implementing the board game known as Blokus in C.

As well as writing about this subject, I enjoy reading about it — particularly books authored by Robert C. “Uncle Bob” Martin.

I also take great pleasure in playing and recording music. I recorded an album with a friend in my youth and have been playing bass ever since. I am currently learning guitar.