Jonty Newman



Ben Brooks and I met in high school and quickly discovered that we both had a shared passion for heavy metal. We both had a strong desire to jam, and so would bring our instruments to school to play in the music room during the lunch hour.

When we weren't jamming at school, we were huddled around my computer recording and writing songs with a single goal: to compose an entire album. After many hours of labour and with a little help from Ben's cousin Timothy Hill, we released our eponymous debut album "Heat Signature" in June of 2013.

Heat Signature - Lust Is All Eyes (Single)

  1. Lust Is All Eyes - 4:12

Heat Signature - Heat Signature

  1. Sea of Fire - 3:05

  2. Kiss The Barrel - 3:12

  3. Nameless - 6:14

  4. Psychosis - 7:07

  5. March of the Drones - 4:48

  6. Tools - 5:56

  7. Aggravated - 3:36

  8. Take Flight - 6:06

  9. Burning Rose - 7:15